With IBeatBreastCancer, we hope to celebrate survivors of breast cancer. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month , and to raise awareness about the deadly disease, BellaNaija urges its readers to send in essays detailing their battle with it: Read her story below. I live in Lagos and am married with 3 kids. I found the lump in October I called my husband to feel it and next thing we were booking an appointment to see a doctor. I did a biopsy and those were the longest 10 days of my life. The results came out and it was malignant.

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Newsletter Breast Cancer by the Numbers: They estimate that some , women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in , and that 40, women will die of the disease. The American Cancer Society ACS also predicts that about 2, men will be diagnosed with breast cancer, and that men will die from the disease. Survival rates by breast cancer stage The 5-year survival rate is the percentage of people who are alive five years after receiving a diagnosis.

Fioravanti L, Cappelletti V, Miodini P, Ronchi E, Brivio M, Di Fronzo G. Genistein in the control of breast cancer cell growth: insights into the mechanism of action in vitro.

Sign up to receive our periodic promotional emails about sales, specials, and new products! Please click the link that begins each summary to read the entire story. Luckily, my cancer was caught by mammogram in the very early stages. It was a stage 1 cancer. I had a lumpectomy and all the lymph nodes removed under the arm on that side. The nodes were all clear.

I was able to get by without chemo, but I had 35 radiation treatments. God truly blessed me. Leitha’s breast cancer survivor story – My name is Leitha and I was 36 when I found a knot in my breast

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Photo Series Captures Couple’s Cancer Journey This is when Morgan, Maggie’s sister, decided to give her sister and brother-in-law one of life’s most precious gifts—something Maggie always wanted. The idea was thrown around while Maggie was still being treated in chemo, but once Morgan’s prognosis was in a better state, Maggie and Danny officially asked Morgan to be their surrogate. In June , the couple found out that after there were two embryos implanted into Morgan, they would be having twin girls—something they never thought would be possible for Maggie after her cancer treatment.

When Stevie Cruz, an Orange County newborn photographer , received an email about a deserving mother-to-be and her sister as her surrogate, she could not refuse the chance to grant them a photography session to capture the special gift Morgan was giving to Maggie. Stevie Cruz Photography How amazing that Maggie, Danny, and Morgan all got to share the experience of a pregnancy photo shoot just like any other couple?

Patient IK: A Year Survivor. Patient IK is a year-old woman with a strong family history of breast cancer. She had previously been in good health when in the fall of , routine mammography revealed a suspicious mass in the left breast, confirmed by biopsy as ductal carcinoma in situ.

In a lengthy and extremely touching blog post, he revealed that he fell in love with a woman who ended up succumbing to cancer, and that he himself suffered a recent cancer scare. Perry wrote that he fell for psychologist and breast cancer survivor Kellie Nash after seeing her in a cancer TV special and deciding that he simply had to meet her. The camera came across this girl sitting there laughing…I asked [Patty] if she would send Kellie an email that your friend Steve would love to take her to coffee or lunch sometime.

After a 3 year battle she was in remission for 8 months then it came back in her lungs and bones and now she’s Stage 4 fighting for her life. I didn’t know what to do…….. I had lost my mom, dad, grandparents that raised me and I was an only child so my first thought was to maybe not send the email; then my heart said, Maybe we could be friends or maybe she could be my shrink.

So I said, ‘Please send it. My life was forever changed in ways I will explain at another time but it was all because of my Kellie,” said Perry. Perry was by Nash’s side as she battled cancer. Together, they relocated to New York, where Nash tried an alternative treatment and the couple “had the most magical summer of our lives together. I’ve been trying to grieve and not run from this loss so for the last 5 months that’s what I’ve been doing along with recalling everything being in Love with Kellie taught me,” Perry wrote.

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Sunday, November 22, Illustration by Maura Condrick Tell me it really sucks that this is happening to me, and ask me how I’m doing. Assume I’m just trying to make you feel better about how terrible this all is if I say I’m fine. Ask me if I need anything, then ask me again. Follow through if I actually do ask for help.

Print This Page Attention health professionals, teachers, and community groups! By supporting National Health Observances, you can.

Here, she writes about the lump she discovered last December. I was finally happy. I am happily divorced although the process was not as smooth or friendly as I had hoped it. My two boys, 11 and 7, have never been better; although it was rough for a while. I have an incredible family and group of friends. I co-founded my business, The MOMS, with my Workwife, Melissa Gerstein, with a combination of hard work and our backgrounds in journalism and television.

We formed a community for parents and bloggers. We are still building our business and our brand.

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She went to St. She taught at Simon Gratz High School for a decade. Harris Wofford, and U. Labor Secretary Robert Reich. Four successive governors have appointed her to the Pennsylvania Cancer Advisory Board. A Guide on Insurance.

Here is a collection of breast cancer survivor stories and testimonies that we have gathered over the years. Kim now documents her own struggles with breast cancer in her blog.

Email your question in complete confidence to questions midlifebachelor. I am an Asian man in my mid s, and am dating a mid s woman who is a breast cancer survivor. After we had been out a few times, things started getting pretty hot and heavy at her place, and she revealed to me that she had recovered from breast cancer and had reconstructive surgery I honestly didn’t let it bother me since she still had breasts, they looked good enough to me, and she was attractive to me otherwise.

On our next date which she initiated, we went back to her house and decided to have sex. However, as I tried to penetrate her, she was way too tight to get in. She then indicated she had this problem before, and that it was due to meds she takes for breast cancer treatment.

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Their vision would eventually turn into a new mammography system unlike any others, one designed by a team of women specifically with comfort in mind. A year ago while getting dressed, Mrs. Atar accidentally bumped her breast. She wasted no time and went to see her doctor the next day.

The Breast Cancer Aotearoa Coalition (BCAC) provides a united voice for NZ women who are experiencing breast cancer. We support, inform and represent those with breast cancer so they can make informed choices about their treatment and care.

You might also like these other newsletters: Please enter a valid email address Sign up Oops! Please enter a valid email address Oops! Please select a newsletter We respect your privacy. At age 21, one such exam revealed a lump for the first time; when she had it removed, it turned out to be benign. In the 10 or so years that followed, she had at least five cysts aspirated, or drained, all of which also turned out to be benign.

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Inflammatory breast cancer survivor: They were clearly thriving, so that provided tangible evidence it was possible. My inflammatory breast cancer diagnosis My gynecologist had dismissed the pain and swelling in my left breast as a reaction to birth control pills. He refused to perform any type of scan, even after I specifically requested one.

It was only after doctors there conducted their own tests that I learned the truth:

Breastless in the City: A Young Woman’s Story of Love, Loss, and Breast Cancer [Cathy Bueti] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When it comes to dating, Carrie Bradshaw has nothing on Cathy Bueti. At 25, just a few weeks before her second wedding anniversary.

Breast Cancer Survivor to Women: Advocate For Your Health Apr 20, After her mother died of breast cancer , Gina Favors — just 17 at the time — did everything she could to avoid getting it herself. She ate a healthy diet, got plenty of physical activity, got regular mammograms , and paid attention to the way her breasts looked and felt. As she got older, Favors noticed a new fullness in her left breast, but she chalked that up to maturity.

And she also felt safe because year after year, her mammogram results came back normal. But in November at age 50, Favors noticed the nipple on that breast was slightly inverted. She went to the doctor to get checked out. A mammogram and ultrasound looked normal, and the radiologist told Favors to come back next year for her regular mammogram.

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These help doctors to predict survival rates. In general, the lower the number and the earlier in the alphabet the letter is, the smaller, more contained, and more easily treated a cancer is. The stage of a breast cancer at diagnosis is one of the most important factors in predicting breast cancer survival rates. In situ or invasive One key factor is whether the breast cancer is in situ or invasive. In situ means the cancer has not spread.

Promise Me: How a Sister’s Love Launched the Global Movement to End Breast Cancer [Nancy G. Brinker] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Suzy and Nancy Goodman were more than sisters. They were best friends, confidantes, and partners in the grand adventure of .

Nutrition for Breast Cancer Patients and Survivors After a diagnosis of breast cancer, women tend to re-evaluate their nutrition and health practices. Many wonder what caused this cancer to occur and what lifestyle changes they should be making. Most women believe they must make significant dietary changes to ensure good outcomes following breast cancer treatment. However, a healthy diet is only one of several factors that can affect the immune system; exercise and stress management are just as important in improving your overall health and well being.

Make an appointment at one of our convenient Baltimore area locations: National Cancer Institute guidelines for cancer prevention can be used to decrease the chance of a breast cancer recurrence. Decrease fat intake to less than 30 percent of calories Minimize intake of cured, pickled and smoked foods Achieve and maintain a healthy weight Alcohol consumption should be done in moderation, if at all MYTH:

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Would you date a cancer survivor? And while numerous online dating services have popped up over the last decade, one sticks out above the rest when you’re talking cancer. Founded by a cancer survivor in , ” C is for Cupid ” is one of the first, and few, online dating services designed specifically for people whose lives have been affected by cancer.

The Bachelor alum Lesley Murphy bravely underwent a double mastectomy after she “tested positive for the BRCA 2 gene mutation which greatly increases” her chance of developing breast cancer.

Oct 31, Log in to post a reply Nov 3, I usually feel pretty positive about the Her2 thing since there have been so many advancements in such a short period of time but lately I’ve been terrified. I’d love to hear some long term survivor stories! Brain Lovemyboysa… Texas Joined: Oct 27, Nov 3, I will take any survivor stories for sure, but especially would love to hear from HER2 gals. Nov 6, Nov 3, Large lump, widespread DCIS as well, lymph node involvement So awesome to hear!!!

I’m four years out and doing well! You are still undergoing tx and your fears are understandable. In time you’ll find you think less and less about it coming back. It does take time though and everyone’s different.

Breast Cancer: Dating Turn On or Turn Off? [S. 2, Ep. 3]