She said it was something they brought in the fifties. I was cleaning it up, and after replacing the pump leather, got pressure in the tank – no rust flakes or pieces rattling about. Three piece cap seal looked like new and sealed well. I’d blown through the burner assembly, and thought no cobwebs I’ll fire it up! So I emptied part of a tin of Coleman fuel into the tank and pumped it up.

Causes of a yellow flame

Figuring out which lantern you have is often no more difficult than reading the frame rest. The frame rest is that band right above the lantern’s fount and most lanterns since the s have their model designation stamped there. Dating your lantern can be a little harder.

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Posts 14, I could be wrong but I seem to recall hearing that if you burn car gasoline in a camping stove you get some nasty added fumes from the additives in the gas. This might not be a big deal if you were using the stove outdoors in the usual camping mode, but could be a much bigger issue if you have this thing down in the cabin on a boat.

I’ll also say this This at least reduces the risk because it keeps fuel fumes outside the cabin, it means you are only using the stove when you are sitting quietly at anchor, and means that if the stove flares up something I expect anyone who has camped much has seen and seems to be getting out of control you’ve got a good chance of flinging the whole thing into the briny deep before your boat goes up in flames. Of course in so doing you will be spilling gasoline into the water.

Unfortunately, the options for cooking on a boat small enough that you need a portable stove are not that great, or at least they weren’t when I last looked into this a bunch of years ago. I once had a gimbaled, stowable stove that ran on a propane bottle that screwed straight to the bottom of the stove, but they stopped making that stove over 15 years ago, IIRC. I felt reasonably safe using this stove because the bottom of the bilge was just a few feet lower than my nose, so I’d be more likely to smell problems, and there was nothing electrical or mechanical in the bilge that might cause a spark.

When not in use I stowed the stove where leaking fumes could not get into the bilge.

7 Best Camping Stoves & Grills for

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By Crystal Schwanke Nude camping, also known as naturist camping, may conjure up ideas of pain, itching, and a few jokes if you’re not familiar with how it works or nudist-friendly campsites. Camping in the buff can be an interesting experience, though, so it’s worth checking out if you’ve got the itch to do something most of us would probably consider on the wild side of life. Whether you want to do it to try something new, even out your tan lines, or just get back to nature, we’re here to help you get started.

Where to Go for Nude Camping Obviously, not every campground is going to be willing to host a nude camping group. You’ll have to do a little bit of research first to find out which places you’ll be welcome at-sans clothes. Here are a few places to begin: Goodland Nudist Country Club in Hackettstown, NJ has camping, swimming pools, volleyball, billiards, picnic areas, cabins, ping pong, and more.

It’s like a laidback, regular country club, but not everyone wears clothes clothing is optional except at the pool, and the staff is fully clothed. If you get tired of roughing it at the campsite, you can just stroll over to the pools. You can visit without membership for up to three visits to get a feel for whether the environment’s right for you. Cypress Cove Nudist Resort in central Florida is fairly modern. You won’t necessarily feel like you’re “roughing it” which is a good thing for those new to camping!

The best camping stoves

Just check out some of our favorites , most of which cost upwards of six figures. Building a camper van, on the other hand, is trickier but a helluva lot more affordable. You can either go the cheap, bare-bones route or opt for the nicest amenities around, but I prefer an approach that strikes a balance between the two. Some people fully devote six months to a build-out, but mine took about four months of part-time effort.

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Since stoves are generally used indoors, many of these antique and vintage stoves are still around, free from rust and even functional, with basic maintenance. Whether the stove you turn up is an old cast iron model or a streamlined art-deco unit, there are ways even a novice treasure hunter can determine the age of a stove. A gas stove will have a valve designed to hook up to a gas line; an electric stove has a cord or a place where one can be attached.

If gas or electric, the stove is modern and likely less than years old. If it is olive green and looks quite modern, for instance, it’s likely from the s since that color was popular at the time. If the stove has curved edges and design elements, is white, light green, red or blue and has legs rather than the body of the stove going all the way to the ground, it is most likely from the first part of the last century.

Cast iron stoves often have the manufacturer name stamped into the metal; newer stoves bear a metal plate featuring the manufacturer name and sometimes the model name.

No contest plea in attack with a car

Along with the 99 he also had a baggie with original instructions and full of replacement parts that each had a hanging tag with what it is, where it goes, and in some cases “year purchased” written on it. Like I said; meticulous. Now that I’ve used the 99 a couple times I want to fire it up every time I walk by it I look forward to seeing some of your stoves!

Boon Island, a tiny outcropping of granite, only two football fields long and fourteen feet above sea level at its highest point, is located six-and-a-half miles off Maine’s southern coast.

It is a sensible rule – I say this as a retired aircraft pilot – because as the aircraft climbs to a higher altitude, fumes can escape from the empty bottle and present an explosion hazard in the aircraft. Your proposal to fill the tank with water made a lot of sense, and if I was the aircraft pilot or the cargo acceptance agent, I probably would have agreed to that, provided that you washed the tank out with detergent prior to filling it with water.

Unfortunately, you happened to be dealing with an official in Australia, which my experience has taught me is the ultimate nanny state with the least possible consideration given to common sense when you encounter officials. Hence, the official determined “this is the rule and I am going to enforce it”, and he or she had no motivation at all to assist you in transporting your tank.

Having said all that, it is unfortunate that you were not aware of the IATA DGR rule about camping stoves before you set out on your trip. So, for the benefit of anyone else reading this thread in the future: If you plan to take a camping stove along with you on an aircraft, be sure that it is the kind that accepts a disposable fuel bottle and also be sure that you can buy that kind of disposable fuel bottle at your destination. Alternatively, and probably better all around, don’t take a stove with you on an aircraft – wait until you get to your destination, then buy one there and plan to give it away to someone else before you next get on an aircraft.

Coleman #4 Radiant Heater

Fred Kuntz got this unit with the original box and crate not shown and stamped 40 of The stove is model and is dated This Coleman Model B unfired stove is undated but the Wichita newspapers used in the packing are dated May,

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Posts 69 I have never compared a coleman stove on fuel to one on propane. I did camp with a couple that brought a propane bottle hooked up to a cast iron countertop single burner thing. It lit fast and needed no pumping, but at breakfast we cooked the bacon, eggs, and made toast on the coleman and the water for coffee still hadn’t boiled on the propane contraption. I have used a single burner coleman backpacking stove and a firefly and both were very handy. The coleman was a little heavier but could store the fuel inside the stove tank and boiled water very fast and effiently.

I have a lot of two burner stoves and two mantle lanterns in my shop as we speak. I never paid over five dollar for any of them at garage sales and most were about three. The generators are the main thing to keep on hand. If you are lucky enough to find one with leather in the pump they can usually be brought back to workable condition by saturating them with three in one oil. I have only replaced a leather when one was used so much it was worn down to no skirt at all then the rubber “leather” was a viable fix.

Coleman Lanterns, Stove and Heater

This backpack is best for day adventures. The built-in sleeping bag compartment doesn’t fit all sleeping bags. Show more Details Details:

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Now we can all basically have the car of our dreams A: Be patient and detail oriented, and begin with the right foundation. When hunting for a cap, broaden your search beyond the name brands. Go superwide on your crossbars so you can fit your bike, kayak, and future RocketBox on the roof at the same time. Make a simple platform that you can sleep on, with enough room below to place gear bins. Bins Bins are the best way to keep your gear organized.

Take time to organize and label them, and be sure to keep stuff in its proper bin. Coleman 2-Burner Stove This simple stove will make a fine kitchen on the tailgate of your truck. Go for the nonstick variety: The Tundra cooler allows you to bring perishable foods on your adventures—up to eight days on one load of ice. Yetis are also impossible to destroy , making them an investment for life.

Headlamp We like the inexpensive, reliable Princeton Tec Remix —good for reading and cooking by at night. Memory Foam Mattress This luxury item will make sleeping in the back of your truck more treat than nightmare.


The cooking surface fits a 6-in. Wind baffles help shield your flame from the wind so the most heat possible goes into making your meal. Rated 5 out of 5 by Conner D from Easy to use I spent quite a bit of time in the forest near my home and this little jewel is perfect for my outings. I fuel up with unleaded gasoline and off I go.

Feb 25,  · I’m fairly new to handloading and already I’m interested in bullet casting. My only casting experience was in college Foundry lab 30 years ago where I cast a brass bell with a green sand mold, a ceramic mandrel, leather apron, leather shoe covers, welding gloves, face shield and they had a large induction furnace to melt the metal.

It was restored with a re-enameled ventilator, reproduction globe, a replated globe rest, fount, and associated parts. This single mantled gasoline lantern is also a Coleman Model It has nickel plated brass fount with a built-in pump and has green porcelain enamel ventilator. It uses straight fuel tube with needle within the fount and has very small fuel cap. This was made in Oct. Although the right image shows you this is in good working condition, it can hold pressure just minutes because of air leak from its unique check valve.

Unfortunately with my check valve tools, I cannot remove it from the fount. This is one of my headache. This is a Model A Noticeable differences from Model are ventilator, curved glass globe and some parts of pump plunger assembly.

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