For details about the takeover of the bankrupt Estey by Arnold Bernard, and the move to Torrance, Calif. Injecting cash into didn’t help, so his next attempt to rescue it was to buy another company this time a successful one , and let the other company sort out Estey into something profitable. That company was Magna. Bernard made Magna’s president, F. Magna had a successful tone cabinet in production, but needed to quickly get an organ off the ground. To show some traction and perhaps Estey continuity , Chilton announced the development of a new reed organ in April of It seems like a catalog carryover from the Brattleboro era, and the only record I had of it was in a press release Chilton made about taking over the original company. Prior to Magna’s involvement with Estey, Harald Bode had developed an electric tube-based organ.

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We suggest that you look at our Organ Classifieds page or on-line auction sites to determine the value of your item. In addition, the Reed Organ Society website provides guidelines for determining the value of reed organs. Repairs At this time, the Estey Organ Museum does not repair reed, pipe, or electronic organs. There are several reputable organ restorers in New England and throughout the country.

Contact the Estey Organ Museum for additional information. Determining the Age of Estey Reed Organs Determining the age of an Estey reed organ starts with identifying its serial number. Serial numbers are generally found on a paper label on the back of the instrument. Each Estey reed organ was numbered as it was shipped out. Some serial number dates are known for certain: These organs were given special serial numbers. A few organs have been identified with lower serial numbers than dates of manufacture, perhaps indicating that they were not made consecutively.

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Mission Our mission is to provide excellent quality and service to our customers. We do customized service. Keyboard Hammond’s New B3 was the best-ever digital emulation of an electromechanical organ, but at over 15 thousand pounds, it didn’t come cheap. Fortunately, the XK3 puts the New B3’s sound engine into a much more affordable package

Hookup Tutorial This page is intended to be used with the “Leslie Pin-out Data” page to help you connect your Leslie cabinet to your organ. Connecting to a late model Hammond™ Tonewheel Console.

How to Identify the Model of a Hammond Organ By John Smith ; Updated September 15, One of the most well-known electric organ manufacturers is Hammond, which is responsible for a variety of model types spanning decades. There are many model types and trying to tell the type by looking at the organ details is difficult. Hammond has chosen multiple places over the years to list the model number of the organ.

Look underneath the keyboard on the left or right side. This is the location of the model type and serial number for Hammond organs made in the s and later. If your organ is an older model or does not have the model number under the keyboard, continue to the additional sections for more information. Look on the back of the organ in the bottom left or right corner for an attached plate with the model number on it.

Open the organ top and check the inside of the back organ side. You may need to remove the back frame on certain console model organs to be able to see the inside back frame and locate the model number. About the Author John Smith began writing back in Smith is a technology writer currently living in Lansing, Mich.

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During this time, the French Classical school also flourished. Bach knew Grigny’s organ output well, and admired it. In England, Handel was famous for his organ-playing no less than for his composing; several of his organ concertos, intended for his own use, are still frequently performed. After Bach’s death in , the organ’s prominence gradually shrank, as the instrument itself increasingly lost ground to the piano. This resurgence, much of it informed by Bach’s example, achieved particularly impressive things in France even though Franck himself was of Belgian birth.

Of these, Vierne and Tournemire were Franck pupils.

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Last updated Sun Jul 6 Use this form if you would like to submit your Hammond Organ for inclusion in these tables. When you hit the “Submit” button you will see a message advising “Update Successful”. Your information will be placed in a holding area for review and added to the age list after acceptance. To include a Leslie speaker or Hammond Tone Cabinet see the bottom of this page.

Please include an email address so I can contact you if I have a question. Discussion “How old is my Hammond organ and Leslie speaker? Beginning in late and continuing to mid , the archetypal instrument we think of when hearing the word “organ” was produced by the thousands. With a production history covering more than forty years, determining the exact manufacturing date of tonewheel Hammonds used to be difficult; new models were not introduced every year and production changes that were made were often subtle.

Recently, the production data was found and there is no longer any need for guessing. This information is being compiled, organized and edited into a soon to be released book that details all sorts of production and manufacturing information, including tables showing serial numbers and their date of production. Some of the entries on the age list show actual known production dates and can be used as markers to guage the quality of other entries around them.


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All of the speakers in Hammond organs, Hammond Tone Cabinets and Leslie cabinets dating from forward that I have seen have production date codes stamped .

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The yellow wire from the connector kit is routed to ground, use a chassis screw. Connecting a type cabinet to a B-3 or similar organ requires some manner of control switch, and a 6 pin outlet. The outlet should be wired as indicated in the pin-out charts on the Leslie Pin-out Data page.

In the 21st century, MIDI pedalboard controllers are used with synthesizers, electronic Hammond-style organs, and with digital pipe organs. Pedalboards are also used with pedal pianos and with some harpsichords, clavichords, and carillons (church bells).

The table below shows the frequencies of its scale, along with those of some related instruments. This will be true no matter what temperament the organ may have been tuned for, whether equal-tempered or meantone; the frequency relationships between ranks of pipes will be based on the exact just frequency ratios. The Hammond organ drawbars for the upper and lower manuals corresponded to the following pipe lengths: Note the color coding: This was used in instructions for the organ to give some simple general advice on their use.

The pedal clavier on most Hammond drawbar organs only had 16′ and 8′ drawbars associated with it. A few models of Hammond organ, such as the RT-2, RT-3, D , and D had a solo pedal unit; with that unit, the sound for that keyboard was not made with the tonewheels, but by a monophonic electrical circuit based on the same principle as their Solovox. This was in addition to the pedals functioning as a third manual and making use of the signals generated by the tonewheels.

The Hammond organ does not have multiple ranks of tonewheels. There is one exception to this. The table above shows the two gears used to cause twelve shafts bearing tonewheels to rotate at speeds which allow equal temperament to be approximated. Thus, a C of about

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Product Information Quiz Organ Identification It is not unusual to have situations where a new Hammond Organ owner may not readily be able to identify the instrument he or she has. This page has been designed to help individuals find the model and serial number plate on the Hammond Organ instrument. Also one might make a determination by comparing to a picture of a unit or one might eliminate a model possibility just by looking at a picture.

In the case of instruments made back in the mid to late s, the serial plate probably has the Hammond Instrument Company as the manufacturer name along with the serial number on a metal plate. The plate is most often located on a shelf in the rear of the organ or in the lower right hand corner of the cabinet in the back of the instrument.

In the case where an instrument has a rear cover, it may be necessary to carefully remove the cover and locate the metal plate on the lower or upper shelf inside the organ.

Jun 11,  · Hammond-Suzuki acquired the rights to the Leslie name a long time ago, and have been making a small range of Leslie models to accompany their organs ever since. The portable system reviewed here, which was supplied with the XK3 for review, comprises the rotary treble horn unit and its matching stationary/bass unit.

The Freshman Class contains musicians of many different musical styles and genres, reaching back to the s and continuing through to the present day. The criteria for induction were based on the Hammond slogan: His career started in church, but quickly moved to the nightclubs of Oklahoma City. The Jazz world quickly took note, but it was Rock that made him a Hammond star. His own groups Trinity and Oblivion Express further showed the Hammond sound could be the core of a successful band.

His 27 albums were best-sellers from the 50s into the 70s and inspired many to add a Hammond to their household. ETHEL SMITH We think nothing today of outrageously dressed Guitar heroes, but in the s it was the fabulous vision of Ethel Smith at the Hammond Organ that thrilled audiences on stage and screen with her over-thetop fashion and blistering technique at the keyboard.

She was essential in popularizing the Hammond Organ.

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Listen Overview Retro Organ Suite delivers in a very raw and personal way the sounds that define a near year legacy of electronic organ instruments. Dating back to the early s, a small and specialized group of manufacturers first designed and produced these elegant instruments as low-cost alternatives to wind-driven pipe organs for houses of worship and homes of the social elite. Later finding place in jazz ensembles, organs gained popularity in many genres of contemporary music through the mid 20th century.

Since that time these instruments have seen some emulation in digital form, but their tangible beauty, the sounds of their raw mechanisms clad in wood and novel amplifiers have largely vanished, frozen in time on commercial recordings of old. What’s new in V1. Starting with factory-spec restored instruments we captured comprehensive sample sets, making sure to accurately document each instruments tonal range and natural sonic character.

This information may help you to ‘date’ your Lowrey organ and find out the true manufacturing date. The date of manufacture is in the serial number.

Guitarists could then have inbuilt chorus and vibrato. Before such effect pedals were invented these effects were quite rare. The Fender Vibratone is a passive speaker cabinet with no inbuilt amp. The rotor has two speeds, approx 40Hz slow and Hz fast , which will give either a chorus or a vibrato effect. The rotating plate in front of the speaker creates a doppler effect where the frequency is modulated due to redirection of sound waves.

From a fixed observation point the tone will vary in frequency and volume and it will also be experienced differently in various distances and angles from the cabinet. There is also a power switch on the back side where you turn the rotor on or off. The Vibratone had a crossover filter that was built into the wiring harness between the amp and Vibratone cabinet. Its purpose was to prevent the bass and upper treble from entering the Vibratone.

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By Rob Garland ; Updated September 15, The Hammond organ, created by a company of the same name, was originally intended for use in churches during the s, but by the late s it had become associated with rock, blues and jazz. A simple dictionary definition of the instrument is “an electric organ with two keyboards, electronic tone generation, and a wide variety of tone colors. Use the Tonewheel General Hospital website to check the age of your organ by comparing Electronics Industry Codes located on the organ to those on the list.

Examine each tube and write down the number codes located on them.

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PayPal How old is my Hammond? This is one of the most commonly asked questions, and unfortunately, due to the lack of available factory records on production dates, one of the most difficult to answer. There is some help available however: BevisPeters, and is currently maintained by RickPrevallet. It is basically a list of dates and serial numbers for various Hammond and Leslie models.

It also provides guidelines to determine, generally, the age of a Hammond, based on certain features and characteristics that changed throughout the model history. The age determinination list contains good descriptions of the various formats these code take. Additionally, these lists of EIA manufacturer codes may be of use:

1948 Hammond CV Organ and Leslie 45 Speaker