They are not linked to articles. Create the articles first. Everard Proudfoot talk Please put the other three on the “Left the Company” section. Also, don’t put “Iconiq” under the “former” unless you have proof on Ahyoomee’s contract expiration with SM. Unless you have a reliable source that says they left the company and are not just in a dispute with them, then they stay where they are. And Regarding the K-pop ballad duo The Blue, they should be included in the current roster, as their activity with SM has’nt been ended yet.

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Popular visual-kei singer GACKT (38) reportedly got married today to a woman not in show business. Newspapers report that the two are said to have originally been friends, and they began dating .

J-pop star Amuro Namie 32, profile and Yoshimoto comedian Tamura Atsushi 36 are the latest Japanese showbiz “power couple,” according to today’s issue of women’s weekly magazine “Josei Seven. From there they headed to the spectacular scenery of Sedona, Arizona. During their 9-day trip, the couple were seen holding hands and cuddling so there is little doubt that they are in a relationship, but their respective management agencies refused to comment. One half of the comedy duo London Boots No.

A relationship with an “ippanjin” someone not in showbiz ended last September. He and Amuro met at a mutual friend’s house party last summer. Amuro has had a roller coaster career, starting at the Okinawa Actors School before she hit her teens.

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Singer GACKT, 38, is reportedly dating Korean singer ICONIQ, The weekly magazine Friday reported the news in its June 22 edition. According to Friday, the couple went to a posh French restaurant near Tokyo Tower where they dined for about three hours.

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After a long branch of a tour; fifteen-plus hour studio sessions; physically and emotionally draining yet fulfilling concerts; or just any ordeal that involved leaving the house, being able to take comfort in a place that was all your own was a heaven sent. But things were different for Aoi. While falling into his own bed and getting some alone time was nice, coming home to an empty apartment was also a reminder of just how lonely he was at the end of the day.

Things may have been different if he had a wife and children of his own, he reasoned, but as it was he enjoyed the experience of being out ‘n about with his band and their staff, able to see and perform for his fans in as many locations as possible. The other Gaze guys seemed to appreciate their breaks a little more than he did and didn’t often humor his requests for company outside of work related matters, so Aoi sometimes had to improvise when the empty space got to him.

GACKT Deemed Innocent of Rape Allegations. Started by Little Eight, Aug 24 PM. gackt. GACKT then took her to his house and made violent advances towards her. is he still dating iconiq? and he’s not aging well anymore.

In interviews , these genderless males insist that they are neither trying to pass as women nor are they necessarily gay. However, they conveniently ignore the long history in Japan of blurred sexualities and gender-bending practices. Sex without sexuality In premodern Japan, aristocrats often pursued male and female lovers; their sexual trysts were the stuff of classical literature. To them, the biological sex of their pursuits was often less important than the objective: And while many samurai and shoguns had a primary wife for the purposes of procreation and political alliances, they enjoyed numerous liaisons with younger male lovers.

Only after the formation of a modern army in the late th century were the sort of same-sex acts central to the samurai ethos discouraged. For a decade, from to , sodomy among men was even criminalized. However, since then, there have been no laws in Japan banning homosexual relations. In other words, men who had sex with men and women who had sex with women did not consider themselves gay or lesbian.

Today, there are annual gay pride parades in major cities like Tokyo and Osaka. And some even later resume having same-sex relationships after fulfilling these social obligations. Contentious cross-dressing Like same-sex relationships, cross-dressing has a long history in Japan.

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On July 10th, singer ICONIQ attended a press conference for ‘Salon Model Award Japan (SMAJ)’ as its ambassador. SMAJ is a hair and beauty entertainment award where a salon model and beautician team up to aim for the best in Japan. Through the salon model’s progress in recognition, it aims to.

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Malice Mizer In the early s, Gackt was working as a host and dealer in a casino, while also being an assistant drummer for a band. At the time he wanted to become more serious about music activity but had a negative perspective on life, it was not until he met a businessman in the casino who changed it and aspired him to find a purpose in life, that being music. He found himself working multiple jobs, among them as a sound technician at the studio where went to practice drums.

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